P2K Steering Committee June Meeting

Last week, the P2K Steering Committee held their monthly meeting at the home of Danny & Nancy Rosen, over a tasty BBQ. Various new initiatives were discussed, including some more people to people projects for the rest of 2009.  Additionally, P2K Chair Dan Rosen shared with the committee members some new ideas he heard at the P2K convention that was held in New Jersey. 


This was the last P2K Steering Committee meeting before the joint meeting with the P2K Steering Committee in Israel.  This year, the joint meeting will be held via virtual connection.


The P2K Committee is continuously looking for more volunteers to take part in Partnership 2000.  If you are interested in Israel and wish to build a strong connection with Israelis, P2K is the perfect opportunity for you.  For more information about P2K contact Avi Kagan at akagan@tcjf.org or 614.559.3212.

(Pictured) Bill Gordon and Avi Kagan

(Not pictured) Joe Sinvany, Malka & Chaim Ben-Dor, Dan Rosen, Nancy Rosen, June Gutterman and Marsha Hurwitz